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Data: Python, Java, and C++ are the Holy Trinity of Big Tech

October 20, 2022

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You can learn a lot about an industry or company from the people who work in it and their skill sets. Problem is, most of the time this information isn’t available, unless you work in one of those companies–but our data gives you superpowers! In the process of creating our Deconstructing Big Tech webinar, we leveraged that ability to get an insider's view of the skill sets of Big Tech engineers.

A lot of the skills listed on our more than 3 billion rows of people data are very common “resume builder” style skills, like Microsoft Office and Management, and engineers are no different in this regard. PDL’s dataset contains information on just over 7 million engineers who’ve listed Microsoft Office as one of their skills, 4.6 million engineers that specifically listed Excel, and 3.1 million that listed Word. Basic table-stakes skills for modern office workers.

Just over 6 million engineers in our dataset reported being skilled at “Project Management,” 5.7 million reported being skilled in “Management,” and 3.7 million in “Leadership.” The highest ranking development language for engineers overall is SQL with 4.5 million engineers, followed by Java with 3.8 million, C++ with 2.5 million, and C with 2.4 million.

overall eng skills

When we look at engineers at big tech companies though, a very different profile emerges. Let’s start with Amazon. Java, C++, and Python are all reported as skills by more than 40% of the engineers who work at Amazon.

amazon eng skills

Apple, whose engineers are responsible for building a wide range of products quite different to Amazon’s, still show the same pattern with the holy trinity of skills: Java, C++, and Python topping the list most commonly reported skills.

apple eng skills

Same thing at Google.

google eng skills

And same thing at Facebook. Also interesting to note is that the project management skills like “Agile Methodologies” and “Leadership” that ranked highly with engineers overall are much less prominent among Big Tech engineers.

facebook eng skills

This post was excerpted from our Deconstructing Big Tech webinar, which you can view now. If you’d like to find out more about our data, sign up for a demo or our free API.

Dan Zarrella
Dan Zarrella

Dan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientist and author of four books: “The Science of Marketing,” “Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness,” “The Social Media Marketing Book” and The Facebook Marketing Book. He currently serves as PDL's in-house Content Scientist, surfacing insights from our dataset to illustrate the power of B2B data.