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Using B2B Data to Drive Customer Engagement

October 5, 2021

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Using B2B Data to Drive Customer Engagement blog image

Using B2B Data to Drive Customer Engagement

B2B data is defined as a collection of data points on people and organizations. For any company, this data is the key to acquiring more customers, personalizing customer interaction, and increasing retention.

Moreover, enhanced data is clean, structured, and free of errors. The completeness and integrity of enhanced data enables companies to quickly leverage data to yield results. 

So, how can data be used to retain customers? By querying for specific parameters, a company can pull a personalized dataset and use it to systematically identify, track, and target customers. Using an analytical approach to outbound leads leads to higher retention rates.

Strategies for 100% Customer Retention

Common pain points companies experience:

  • Recruitment, HR, and Marketing companies manually sift through customer accounts to identify areas for retargeting. Without data, Recruitment, HR, and Marketing companies manually sift through customer accounts to identify areas for retargeting.

  • Engineering teams are unable to train machine learning algorithms for automation due to a lack of information on existing customers.

  • If a company loses an opportunity during a nurture or email drip campaign, they are unable to track the point of exit in order to reduce bounce rates without data.

  • Companies struggle to generate insights about their customers’ behavior, and don’t have strategies for upselling and follow-ups.


  • Use people data to know when it’s the right time

    With data for contact information, education history, social media, interests, and more, a company can segment customers into specific niches. From there, they can identify customers with the highest CLV (customer lifetime value), and strategically retarget at a moment of high engagement.

  • Embrace automation and eliminate busy work

    With an automated platform, companies can interact with existing customers and re-engage them with data-driven content marketing, advertisements, email drips, and social media.

  • Develop a plan for long-term, sustainable insight generation

    As more customers sign up for a product or join a service, their commonalities and differences are constantly analyzed, enabling companies to discover purchasing patterns, measure interaction frequency, and more.

A Customer-Centric Future Ahead

Companies from every industry are turning to accurate business data to improve customer retention, inform strategic decisions, and create innovative solutions. These solutions are enabling companies to determine risk, dominate personalized interaction, and monetize customer opportunities.

People Data Labs provides over 1.5 billion unique person profiles with over 100+ data fields. Visit our site and schedule a discussion with one of our experts to learn how to utilize data to retain your customers.

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