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How Revenue Teams Should Utilize B2B Data

September 29, 2021

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Successful organizations should utilize B2B data to curate lead lists for the top of the sales funnel. This data is then acted upon through several initiatives such as qualifying new leads, cold-calling, and progressing lead status. The depth and accuracy of a company’s data enables them to find high-quality leads with a high response rate. This increases customer acquisition and retention.

Data-Driven Lead Generation Methods Include:

Using B2B Data to Personalize Outreach

Having insight on your audiences’ names, phone numbers, emails, current titles, locations, and more gives you the ability to reach out in a personalized manner via intercom, emails, and cold calling. Through personalized outreach, you are able to qualify leads and easily identify a customer’s needs.

Scoring Incoming Leads

Once you collect enough leads from your outreach strategies, you can then score them using accurate B2B  data. By assigning a numerical value to each lead, basing their score off of personal information and employment history,you can prioritize and target the most likely to buy customers.

Enriching Existing Sales Lists & CRM

With accurate data, you can consistently update CRM applications such as Salesforce and Marketing Cloud, adding additional data points to your accounts at the moment new data is received.

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Utilizing People Data Labs’ Data to Increase Your Revenue

Using PDL’s data, you can accurately position your products or services to appeal to your target audience. Our 3 major suggested focuses are:

  1. Creating targeted audiences

  2. Establishing relationships influencers/industry leaders

  3. Establishing relationships media and press to control messaging

In this sequence, you can use B2B data to:

Expand and Customize Your Audience

PDL’s profiles include up to 100+ unique data points each. With such strong data, you are able to build user personas and segment existing customers. This information helps you determine what characteristics your customers share and what leads are most likely to convert.

Automate Sales Engagement with Tools that Automatically Engage Qualified Influencers

Using the appropriate software, such as Intercom messaging and automated Twitter and Facebook engagement tools, you can equip growth teams in charge of engaging incoming leads and spreading brand awareness across social media and content channels to engage the public efficiently.

Maximize Marketing Campaign Results

Data helps you set clear marketing goals. Knowing your customers gives you insights on when new opportunities for selling and upselling are created.

Create Lookalike Audiences

For all the customer profiles that you create from the collected data, you are able to create lookalike audiences for insight generation. One way to collect this data is through mandatory fields on the sign-up form for a free trial. This lets you know the name, email, and title of the people using you product or service. With this information, you can assess the key differences and similarities of your customers and create lookalike audiences.

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Are you building personalization into your workflow?

If you are interested in using people data for your own platform, product, or tool, we license over a billion unique person profiles and offer an Enrichment API. Visit our site to learn more about how to maximize the power of data or chat with one of our product specialists.

Additionally, if you are interested in how PDL sources data, read further here.

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Henry Nevue

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