PDL is Now Available on the Snowflake Data Marketplace

May 12, 2022

5 minutes

We’re pleased to announce that People Data Labs has partnered with Snowflake to make our world-class, ethically sourced, fully compliant B2B and professional data available on the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake users will gain the ability to quickly find, subscribe to, and use PDL data using Snowflake’s powerful cloud console. 

“PDL’s mission is to empower developers to build with data and create the innovative data-driven processes and tools that will drive business results,” said Ben Eisenberg, Director of Product for Applications at People Data Labs. “Joining the Snowflake Data Marketplace will allow more people to effectively leverage our data – alongside data from other Snowflake partners – through the leading cloud data console.” 

“We’re excited to collaborate with People Data Labs to deliver high-quality B2B data to all Snowflake users” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Business Development at Snowflake. “We strive to work with innovative partners who offer unique, accurate, ethically sourced data. We believe that PDL’s commitment to quality will add value for all our shared customers.” 

Why Choose PDL through Snowflake Data Marketplace?

All your data in one place

Access the PDL data you need, when you need it, by subscribing directly through the Snowflake platform. Users will be able to manage all of their high-quality data sources in one place. 

Get started Fast 

Start querying the data immediately. All PDL-hosted data is at your fingertips with no need to ingest allowing your team to start building with B2B data today. 

Stay up-to-date

Snowflake Data Marketplace users have access to the latest PDL data as soon as it’s updated, saving you time and keeping your data fresh. 

How to access PDL on Snowflake

Current Snowflake users can access PDL data by logging into their Snowflake account and searching for People Data Labs on Snowflake Data Marketplace. New users will need to signup for a Snowflake account to get started. 

New users may want to get started with our Free Company Dataset containing global data on any company with at least one employee, along with a limited set of fields including company name, size, state, locality, website, LinkedIn URL and more.

Need more? Snowflake Marketplace users also have access to our Person Data License containing over 3 billion individual profiles, and our paid company dataset which contains additional highly relevant fields to power your next project. 

Need help getting started? 

Whether you are a new or existing customer, our PDL team will reach out to help you get started and ensure you’re able to make the most of our data through the Snowflake console.

For more information contact partnerships@peopledatalabs.com or reach out to your PDL representative. 

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