Databricks and People Data Labs partnership

PDL is Now Available on the Databricks Marketplace

June 9, 2023

2 minutes

We’re pleased to announce that People Data Labs has partnered with Databricks, the data and AI company, to make our B2B data available on the Databricks Marketplace. As a launch partner, PDL has been working with the Databricks team to ensure a world class experience for shared Databricks and PDL customers to access PDL’s data via Delta Sharing. 

“PDL’s mission is to build and deliver datasets that power the future,” said Ben Eisenberg, VP of Innovation at People Data Labs. “We want to ensure that our customers can access our data alongside the tools they already use day-to-day.” 

“Together, PDL and Databricks provide the data and architecture that empowers teams to innovate with data at scale. This means users can seamlessly access data and data assets from Databricks or their tool of choice, providing faster time to insights.”  - Cassie Miao, Director of Corporate Development at Databricks

Databricks marketplace with People Data Labs

What We Offer

PDL provides data on over 600 million people globally, linking B2B data (work history, education, location, etc.) to company data and personal identifying information (PII). Our data is the trusted backend of hundreds of applications, including recruiting, fraud prevention, workforce planning, investment research, marketing, and more.

We also provide data on over 18 million companies. The company dataset contains core firmographic data (identifying attributes and information about what a company does) and aggregated “insights” that provide details on the employees of a company. It is used to power revenue operations, audience creation, investment diligence, sourcing, and other use cases.

How to Access PDL on Databricks

Current Databricks users can access PDL data by logging into their Databricks account and searching for People Data Labs on Databricks Data Marketplace. New users can sign up for a Databricks account in order to get started. 

You can access our Free Company Dataset, which contains over 11 million companies, and experience the combined power of Databricks and PDL instantly.

Need more? Databricks Marketplace users can also connect and access our Person and Company data via Delta Sharing.

Ben Eisenberg
Ben Eisenberg

VP Innovation