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PDL Needs Your Feedback

January 7, 2022

5 minutes

Introducing PDL Roadmap - An Interactive Feedback Platform for Customers

PDL is built by engineers, for engineers, so customer feedback is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why today we're introducing a new way for our customers to learn more about what we’re building, and to tell us what they need. The PDL Roadmap is our new interactive platform providing  a transparent view of our product roadmap, as well as opportunities to give feedback, submit feature requests, upvote requests, and make your voice heard. 

What you can do using PDL Roadmap

View Product Roadmaps  - 2022 is going to be a year of serious growth for PDL. We’re building new products, refining and expanding our existing datasets, and breaking into new industries where we believe PDL’s high-quality professional data will make a major difference for engineers building tomorrow’s innovative data products. Get a clear view of what we’re working on now and in the months to come.


Request a Feature - Is there a new feature you’d like to see but it’s not already on our roadmap? Let us know. You can browse existing feature requests, upvote the ones you’d find most useful, and add your own. We’ll prioritize the features that get the most support from our community. 

Request an Integration - Need PDL to integrate with a specific tool in your arsenal? We already have several high-profile integrations and more in the pipeline for 2022. Check to see if yours is already underway or add a request if it’s not. Just like feature requests, you have the ability to browse existing requests and upvote the ones you’d like to see and we’ll move those to the front of the queue. 

Report Bugs -  Having a problem? Let us know fast using our bug tracker and check existing bug reports to see if we’re already working on your issue.


How To Get Started

Visit to create an account.  Please use the same email tied to your PDL API Key. Once you’re on the page you’ll be able to view our product roadmap and see what’s in progress, what’s coming soon, and which projects we’ve recently completed. You can also click through any roadmap item to leave feedback on upcoming features and integrations or add new requests, or bug reports. 

The more information you provide, the easier it’ll be for our team to get your requests into production. Share as much detail as you can about your needs and use case. You can also attach screenshots or other descriptive images (this is particularly helpful if you’re reporting a bug we haven’t seen before.) If we need more information, your PDL Customer Success team  will reach out with some additional questions. You can also track the progress of your request via the product roadmap and request board to know when it’s completed. 

Any Questions? 

To learn more about Canny and how PDL plans to put your feedback into action, you can contact your Customer Success manager  for a walkthrough, or email us at

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