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Fueling Inspiration for Developers and Innovators at SciPy 2022

September 7, 2022

5 minutes

At People Data Labs (PDL), we often say we are “for developers, by developers.” While much of our customer base has recently expanded towards a more democratized data market, we still make significant effort for our data to be highly developer friendly. 

In light of this, we were an attending sponsor at SciPy 2022, a conference geared towards developers using Python and their projects. We saw this as a great opportunity to not only advertise PDL, but also to educate developers on our data approach and meet interesting people that can utilize our data. 

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One participant remarked, "One of my favorite observations so far has been how quickly stargazers on a repository increase as soon as it is presented at SciPy!" This highlights how SciPy is a great way to get exposure for your projects (as a project developer) and learn about new projects (as a python developer).

Here’s some takeaways from the event:

  • Recent developments in space exploration and computer science, like the deployment of the James Webb telescope, has stirred up buzz and inspiration around space imagery.

  • The python ecosystem is incredibly diverse and constantly growing. There are tons of tools for working with data at scale.

  • Developers today are looking for high technical knowledge and are hungry for innovating with python. Products and services, like what PDL offers, have a high demand for developer-friendly interaction and support. 

Eric Aleman, our director of product, noted, “Compared to other conferences, we interacted with lots of people in academia interested in moving into their respective industries. The demand for a job in data and computer science is still on the rise.”

Eric Aleman, Director of Product at People Data Labs, speaking to a fellow python developer

In addition, we also held a fun raffle and offered a promo code towards our data for those who spoke to us at our table. Congratulations to Jack Gallagher for the awesome mechanical keyboard!

SciPy People Data Labs Keyboard Winner

Does data interest you? Here’s some potential next steps:

This marks yet another successful event for PDL. We hope to meet you at the next one.

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