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Showcasing Data-Enabled Talent Acquisition Possibilities with Amazon Web Services | Webinar Recap

June 21, 2022

5 minutes

As a celebration of our partnership and newfound PDL presence on Amazon Web Services’ Data Exchange, we hosted a recent webinar with Amazon Web Services showcasing how companies can build better talent acquisition tools when leveraging PDL on AWS’ Data Exchange, as well as some of the benefits companies will experience as a result of this partnership. This is the first in a series of webinars with partners like AWS in which we’ll explore popular use cases, and expand on the possibilities of PDL data for those building the  next-generation of data-enabled tools and processes. 

Over 250 HR tech and product professionals registered for the webinar, confirming the high demand for data-informed talent acquisition product development. This is no surprise as companies today face growing challenges from a variety of workforce trends, such as the mass adoption of remote work and The Great Resignation. Many companies are trying to boost their talent acquisition capabilities in-house, quickly realizing superior data like ours is required to compete in today’s talent acquisition landscape.

To get a finger on the pulse of the talent acquisition industry, we asked our attendees, “What aspect of talent acquisition (and the tools that support it) do you observe requires the most improvement via superior B2B data?” Their responses confirmed our observations, but also surprised us.

  • There was a tie in our top responses, with 39% of attendees answering “reducing time to fill/time to hire”, and the other 39% answering “finding the ‘right’ candidates.

  • 22% answered “enriching existing datasets of candidates”.

  • 0% answered “increasing employee retention” or “other”.

Based on these responses, it appears that people building talent acquisition tools are past the discovery phase. They know their problems, and are gearing up to face the competitive talent market. Efficiency is a priority, but not at the cost of quality hires. Businesses recruiting new employees and talent acquisition tool creators alike are actively searching new areas to prospect top candidates. Enriching existing datasets remains a high priority for talent acquisition solutions. Filling more roles at a fast pace requires automated solutions that can quickly process large numbers of applicants, ascertain their skills and qualities, and surface the best candidates quickly.  

Therefore, the next hurdle to jump for professionals entrenched in talent acquisition is securing an initial pipeline of data to funnel into tools and workflows, which brings us to where People Data Labs and Amazon Web Services are today. 

Our presence and partnership with AWS’ Data Exchange ties back to our core company thesis, “Data is eating the world.” As more people tap into data, the demand for new data-enabled tools and the people (data scientists) that orchestrate them is increasing exponentially. However, developers innovating such tools should not have to worry about building their own datasets and sourcing their own data. They can turn to providers like PDL and reliably build their products without the friction of data sourcing, compliance, etc. Efficient collaboration between product developers and data providers is essential to making this possible. 

This need for collaboration is what makes us so excited about our ongoing partnership with  AWS and our presence on their Data Exchange. As a developer focused on next-generation talent acquisition products and tools, being able to tap into data from PDL + other essential providers and manage all of those providers in one place (AWS’ Data Exchange) is extremely powerful. We believe this is the future of how data is going to be purchased, and are thrilled to be an early partner of Data Exchange so we can help our customers tap into this trend early.

If you found this article insightful, we highly recommend watching our webinar with AWS where we speak about our partnership and the use cases possible when accessing our data on AWS’ Data Exchange. You can also find various products of ours on the Data Exchange itself by going to and searching “People Data Labs”.

We hope to see you in our next webinar!

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