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Deploy Lead Scoring with Patterns and People Data Labs

February 16, 2023

5 minutes

This blog is part of a series of blogs showcasing various use cases for People Data Labs' data on the Patterns platform. 

Ensuring that a sales team is focused on the “right” opportunities is essential. Pursuing leads with a scatter-shot approach often leads to wasted sales and marketing resources. 

Prospects’ or leads’ path to conversion includes various nurturing steps that are traditionally owned by a marketing team. When certain inflection points are hit and those leads become “sales ready”, the sales team assumes ownership for the remainder of the buying journey.

Lead scoring provides a manageable way to organize prospects and prioritize Sales and Marketing resources by ranking prospects based on their relative interest in your offering and your characteristic values for them as an opportunity (e.g. company size, industry, stage, etc.).

Proper lead scoring ensures a consistent, quantifiable, and testable approach to managing that Marketing —> Sales handoff. This Lead Scoring schema, which typically includes demographic, behavioral, and interaction data points, can lead to higher close rates for sales and better attribution tracking for marketing.

A Partnership to Easily Deploy PDL

What is Patterns?

Patterns is an AI development platform designed to be an easily deployable solution for managing the ingest, transformation, orchestration, visualization, and automation layers of your data stack. Patterns comes with an out-of-the-box GCP Postgres instance, or you can deploy Patterns on top of your existing data warehouse.

Patterns allows you to build unified analytical and operational data systems within an easy-to-navigate UI. Patterns also hosts a marketplace of solutions, including PDL products, designed to increase code-replicability and decrease deployment timelines.

Patterns solves the problem of stitching the Modern Data Stack together with a variety of tools, providing an infinitely scalable solution for efficient innovation with data.

Patterns and People Data Labs

People Data Labs has been recently introduced into Patterns’ hundreds of pre-built components. This means that you can now easily include Person Enrichment and Company Enrichment directly into your workflows.

A combination of People Data Labs’ Person Enrichment and Company Enrichment products are the ideal solution for providing much of the data points necessary to efficiently score leads. When paired with Patterns, implementing lead enrichment, scoring, and routing becomes a simple process that combines speed, transparency, and reproducibility within a flow that can be implemented in 5 minutes! 

Follow the guide below to see how.

Deploying the Lead Flow App with Person Enrichment

How it works:

  1. Ingest new leads with a webhook

  2. Enrich leads emails with external data from People Data Labs

  3. Score each lead using a simple points based model

  4. Route your high priority leads to slack

  5. Summarize all leads in a table and visualize using a chart

  6. Optionally, you can also export to Google Sheets

Do it yourself:

  1. Create accounts for both PDL and Patterns (

  2. Retrieve your PDL API key, and create a new Secret in Patterns.

  3. Clone the Lead Scoring App Template into your organization in Patterns.

  4. In the external system that handles lead intake, configure the Patterns webhook as an endpoint to receive data every time a new lead is processed.

  5. Configure the PDL component by adding the PDL API Key Secret as a parameter value.

  6. Configure the Slack component by adding the incoming webhook URL.

The image below represents an example flow in Patterns that we set up with these steps.

Patterns Lead Flow App using People Data Labs

This app can help sales, marketing, and growth teams utilize fast and accurate data about their leads. Clone this app, customize it, and integrate it with your marketing website and CRM to fully automate how you score, route, and prioritize leads.

This is an example of a simple configuration of lead scoring using a webhook as input and Slack channel as output. This template can be configured differently based on your unique requirements to ingest data from a database, CRM, or any API that contains your lead data. Additionally, you can configure this to export enriched and scored leads to your CRM, email marketing tool, or database of your choice.

PDL and Patterns, AI Apps Made Easy

Patterns provides an amazing layer for managing data, empowering you to create automations that ensure the right data is in the right place at the right times. 

People Data Labs’ components and apps allow you to easily enrich your leads directly from industry-leading person and company datasets without the complexity of managing a data pipeline or creating a solution based on often-faulty, low-code solutions. As seen in this overview, you can easily incorporate a variety of lead sources into a single flow to enrich, score, and route leads.

There are many other opportunities for teams to incorporate person and company enrichment data into workflows. People Data Labs’ and Patterns’ partnership provides the flexibility to deploy specific solutions for narrow use cases. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Patterns/PDL use cases or would want to see any specific flows implemented, get in touch with one of PDL’s data consultants today!

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